RTX, Day 2

I stumbled into the bathroom, still wiping the morning crust from my eyes. I stared at the shower knobs, hoping that in fact they had been fixed. I cautiously turned the left handle, giving me a sudden burst of cold water. I didn’t expect it to immediately spout hot water, but I did expect it to eventually spout hot water. It didn’t, so I tried the knob on the right side thinking that maybe the two had been switched up as some cruel joke by the god of mischief himself, Loki. 

This side wasn’t just cold, it felt like the icy cold hand of death had liquefied and wrapped itself around my hand. I quickly pulled my hypothermic appendage back, and decided to try both knobs at the same time. I don’t know why, I guess in an act of desperation I hoped that the two combining would somehow create anything but cold water. It didn’t, so what would have been a ten minute shower wound up being about a two minute shower. Luckily there was a space-heater in the small apartment, so before making the plunge into the chill chamber, I turned it on and positioned it to immediately begin warming my frost-bitten physique once I exited the shower.

I still wonder why there was a space heater in my room in the middle of summer, but that is another question for another time.

Today I felt clean, and because of the heater and the Texas heat it wasn’t long before my bones were once again warmed to a state of functionality. I packed what belongings I had and started my walk back to the convention center. Right about this time I got a message from my host asking me about the water pressure. I politely explained that the pressure was good, but I had no heat. I told her that the sink faucet worked great, but the shower remained cold.

It is at this point, at which point I have already stayed two nights, that I am informed that A) the shower knobs are backwards, and B) that the hot water takes a little bit to heat up. This is information I could have used yesterday! Maybe even the day before. At this point I’m seriously starting to regret trying to budget out the hotel costs of my trip. On a positive note, the AC did work rather well and I was able to sleep the whole night without issue.

The convention hours were 9-6 this day, and that seemed a little much for just one person. Throughout the day I would take periodic breaks from my booth to walk the show floor and explore downtown Austin a little more. The whole goal of my booth was experience and research for the future, and maybe a little exposure right now, so abandoning my booth wasn’t really an issue for me.

When I was at my booth I enjoyed people watching far more trying to mingle and work the crowds. What I noticed from the crowds was the amount of love and admiration these fans have for their idols, dare I go so far as to say Gods. At one point I watched a girl literally break into tears because a YouTuber signed her day planner. To tell you the truth, I can’t tell if I pity or envy them. I don’t know if there is anything in this world I love or would make as much of an impact on me as that signature did to her.

Now before you harpoon me for not saying that about my wife, or even Darth Maully, I’m not talking about that kind of love. I’m talking about being so passionate about something that seeing a person, an item or a monument causes your entire body, mind and soul to be consumed by euphoria. This girl, and many other fans like her, had an experience I don’t know anyone else can truly comprehend or understand. It’s something to admire, I think…

Even later that night when I attended an industry party and got to meet some of my favorite entertainers, I failed to have the earth shattering (and rebuilding) experience that many of the fans at RTX had. 

About that party though, IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN! In the beginning I felt very much like an outsider, mainly because I was. I was a graphic designer with no experience in the video game or entertainment industry, who essentially bought his way into an exclusive event. Now this wasn’t my intent when I purchased the booth, but it was an amazing bonus to find out about after buying the space.

I made my way through the party, socializing with some of my favorite YouTubers, and reconnecting with acquaintances I had made the previous night. It all collimated into me ending up on the dance floor with members of The Creatures, and just busting a move for the majority of the night. To be honest, I’m glad I just ended up on the dance floor instead of forcing my way into conversations I had no business being in in the first place. The dance floor was my sanctuary from the awkward conversional walk-ins I was forced to make in an effort to look like I was qualified to be here.

This was the highlight of my trip, and quite honestly the reason I really took it in the first place. As I walked home from the party I had a renewed desire to make cool shit. It’s not about trying to get the most views, it’s not about trying to get the most likes, it’s about having a good time and making unforgettable experiences. So here’s to making more stories, and maybe making a few friends along the way.

*I understand that there was a third day of RTX, but as exhausted as I was, I opted to close the booth early, enjoy some of the remaining events, and head to the airport for my flight.


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